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Dr. Indranil Saha’s Opinion Published in The Telegraph

Dr. Indranil Saha’s Opinion Published in The Telegraph

Dr Indranil Saha’s candid opinion on ‘#fertility services and #surrogacy’ published in The Telegraph (Feb 19, 2019) page-14, ‘opinion’ section.
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The Surrogacy (Regulation) Bill
Dear Sir,
The Surrogacy (Regulation) Bill, 2016, was passed by the Lok Sabha on 19 December 2018. If passed in its current form, the Bill has significant implications both for potential parents who are seeking a surrogate mother to bear their child, as well as for potential surrogates.
Most significantly, commercial surrogacy (allowed in India since 2002) is prohibited. But altruistic surrogacy is allowed for Indian nationals married for five years where the woman cannot carry a child; and the surrogate must be a close relative of the intending couple.
One of the most important points to be made is that India does indeed need effective regulation of its fertility services, including surrogacy. This is a serious and pressing challenge. But regulation must be formulated on the basis of sound science, both medical and social.
More stringent regulation of the IVF sector as a whole is required, especially in relation to the transparency of success rates. Above all, informative documentation and reliable information must be given to patients and surrogates. Surrogates must be selected and screened properly, and care over their physical and psychological health must be secured. Appropriate insurance and support for the surrogate’s family when she is carrying the baby must be provided. At the same time, we must look after the rights of the commissioning family.
We should recognise that, under the proposed Bill, the likelihood of women being forced by family members to act as surrogate mothers, and that without financial compensation, is very likely to increase.
Instead of addressing exploitation and making it easier and safer for both parties, the Bill currently making its way through the Indian Parliament brings surrogacy to a standstill, ending the hopes of couples who are not willing to, or who cannot, choose “altruistic” surrogacy, and endangering the wellbeing of women in families who may be forced into “altruistic” surrogacy.
Yours faithfully,
Dr Indranil Saha

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