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Why Don’t You Consider IVF in India?

Why Don’t You Consider IVF in India?

Written by my friend Runa, whom I always admire for her positive attitude. Her post is very inspiring.

Seems like yesterday, we are at Dr. Tsai’s IVF facility in Queens, New York and he comments -“Why don’t you consider IVF in India. Doctors in India are UK trained and guess which is the birthplace of test tube baby/IVF? UK off course. And most importantly, you will be home in an unperturbed mind. The whole process of IVF is gruelling both mentally and physically. So you have to feel at ease above everything else.”
And this was the trigger and the turning point in our lives to be able to make the best decision of our lives!

My name is Runa. I live in New York and I had my Babumoshai at the age of 44 with the help of the God sent man, who I call Neel Da and known to the world as Dr. Indranil Shaha! I am really honoured that he requested me to share my journey in this blog.

So here is my story-but at the onset what I would want to say is, I believe a positive mind and immense trust and faith on my doctor is the recipe of our success story! Let me tell you, at the age of 44, with may be just a 4% chance, it was not easy and if I did it…you can too!

Life has always been on the go here in New York and before even I knew, I was standing at the threshold of beyond the so called “Biological clock deadline”, I was 40. That’s when I decided to have my first child. But luck was not really on my side. Along with the challenges of being miles away from family, I was dealing with ordeals of going through six miscarriages. In retrospect, I sometime ask myself how did I deal with the traumas? But deep down I had a B+ mind-set just like my blood group! My gynaecologist here in New York was trying every avenue out but to no avail. My pregnancies would not pass the six weeks of the most delicate gestation period. When he ran out of option, he suggested IVF. I was apprehensive but I really didn’t see any other door open for me. So I did my research and picked two choices-Columbia University’s centre for reproductive care and Dr. Tony Tsai, who was recommended by my gynaecologist. Although Columbia is one of the best in the country but I was not convinced after meeting with them. So Dr Tsai was next. At our first meet in his office, he walked us through the whole process and when almost towards the end of the conversation I expressed to him my desire to visit my family before I start the process of IVF, that’s when he made the lightening remark asking me to think about undergoing the process in India. You would think why on earth a doctor in United States would want to give his business away. But I guess it’s a demand of the medical profession to be rational, compassionate and practice “patient first” ideology along with empathy towards the patient! Also makes you certain of how highly they think about the IVF process in India!
I started my quest right away and called my closet of friends in Kolkata. Within a day or two, I had a couple of doctors’ contact! It was 10pm or probably later at night and I was most certain that Dr. Saha would not answer his cell phone, after all we are used to the US way of life where you are only provided office numbers and the doctors call the patient only if they think the need. But to my surprise, he did answer. And there is no doubt in my mind that I felt an instant connection. Within a few days I emailed him over all the tests I had undergone here in US. This followed a long conversation with him over the phone when he put all the cards on the table for me regarding the chances, options and the approach he thought was appropriate in my situation. And I couldn’t agree more with him after churning all my rational thoughts regarding the treatment process.

August 2016 I arrived at Kolkata. I was 42. Straight from airport I headed to the Salt Lake facility where I met Dr. Saha for the first time. I had to start the process right away. It was extremely challenging with the travel, jet lag, time zone change but I went on board with high spirit as I was driven by my doctor. There is something about him. His calmness, compassion yet the epitome of professionalism that he exudes. The way he addresses and explains every detail of the treatment is extremely grasping and only reinforced my faith, and built the trust instantaneously. And his staff couldn’t be more helpful. I couldn’t have asked for more. Always approachable, accommodating and ready to reciprocate. Felt like one big family all the time. That warmth makes a huge difference when you are so vulnerable.

Unfortunately my doctor didn’t feel positive enough to do the transplant due to the quality of the embryo. I agreed with him and both of us decided for round two. Not for a second did I lose hope or all the confidence I had on him. I returned to US and then travelled back early Jan 2018 to start the whole process over again. I took it as if nothing had happened before and it was my first time. That’s how optimistic I was! But this time I planned my trip and arrival such that I had enough time to let my hair down and unwind before starting the process over again. My transfer wan done on March 23rd, a date I will always celebrate!

Although we stood on the edge of the thin line with uncertainties and ups and downs, but I was patient and always hopeful and complied with all the tests, monitoring and medication that doctor prescribed. And after overcoming the 12 weeks of gestation, I was finally allowed to travel back home. But throughout the pregnancy I kept our doctor updated of my progress from New York. And guess what? I was holding my Babumoshai a.k.a. Matthew Arun Mukherjee Tauscher in my arms on December 4th 2018. It was surreal! But the true glorious moment for us was when we called Dr. Saha from the hospital the day his Big B was born! And as Babumoshai or rather “Miracle Baby” as lovingly called by my in-laws, runs around the house I seal my story.

Isn’t it one of a kind? Believe it! And miracles do happen… Not just in 34th. Street, will happen to you as well!

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